Are you an Excel Pro?

Attributes of an Excel Pro:

  • They grab data from one or more sources.
  • They prep the data, often  using VLOOKUP.
  • They then create pivots over the prepared data.
  • Sometimes they subsequently index into the resulting pivots, using formulas, to produce polished reports. Other times, the pivots themselves serve as the reports.
  • They then share the reports with their colleagues, typically via email or by saving to a  network drive.
  • They spend at least half of their time re-creating the same reports, updated with the latest data, on a recurring basis.

Most Excel Pros do not think of themselves as Pros: I find that most are quite modest about their skills. However, take it from someone who has studied Excel usage in depth: if you fit the bulleted criteria above, you are an Excel Pro. Wear the badge proudly.

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